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You may notice that the Diocese is issuing new e-mail addresses as from 1st June. This is to try and simplify contacts in our 107 parishes. For a long time I have thought of preaching on e-mails! That may sound plain daft, but they are certainly both a gift and a curse in today’s society.

We are blessed to be able to have almost instant contact with those on the other side of the world and it is a tremendous means of communication, so, on balance, I am sure (as with television) it is a force for the good. It has its dangers too. I find I spend an increasing amount of time in the mornings, especially, in front of a screen, but it does have pastoral applications. I am fortunate enough to be able to touch type, but am clueless with the “behind the scenes” workings of a computer, so, as I have said to a number of you, please forgive me if I “lose” an e-mail or do not respond quickly enough. Mary and Robert in the office are a great help of course, and often bail me out, but Cathedral House does receive dozens and dozens of messages a day and it can be difficult to keep up for all of us. E-mails will only increase as work progresses in the Cathedral and on the roof.

My new e-mail address is A final thought – if Jesus lived on earth today, what parable would He use to teach about computers? How would He use a computer? Would He use one? Discuss – but don’t reply by e-mail to me please, or not too many of you! God bless.

Canon Alan Finley
Cathedral Dean





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